Car Repair or Truck Repair

We have the right tools to work on your car or truck repairing everything that your vehicle needs, getting you back on the road. Local Connecticut Auto Repair in Middletown will fix your auto or truck affordable car repairs with computers we can find and fix any noise or broken parts.

Brakes, Oil Changes we do it all...

Whenever your vehicle repairs are need come down for a free estimate and safety check. We do brakes, engines, transmissions, axle, radiators service your check engine light, we can read it with our computers to find and fix any issues you have. Come down in Middletown for a free estimate.


Service your vehicles with our auto repair shop, we replace and repair engines, brakes, transmissions, oil change and anything you would need to run your car or truck.

Fix your car today with our auto repair service center, check engine lights on we can read the computer and fix the issues.

Auto Repairs

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Call for your Free Estimate on all vehicle repairs today.